Be Bold!

I’m boiling inside!

Once again, I’m watching our elected officials vote how they feel, or how they’re told by more senior Congressmen, without listening to their constituents.  People are screaming in the streets, sending post cards, filling voicemail boxes, showing up at offices, and PLEADING to be heard.  The people who were elected (but maybe not who those screaming elected) refuse to hear them.  How do we make our voices be heard?  I am not of the nature to advise anyone to get nasty.  I will, however, stand up and insist that we get BOLDER.  That includes me, even when it’s terribly uncomfortable.  BOLDER.  LOUDER.  IN THEIR FACES.

Who do you know that would be interested in running for office?  A teacher? A scientist? The cashier at your corner market?  I understand part of the motivation behind those that voted for DJT in that they wanted someone other than our par-for-the-course politicians, but he is far from the right choice. He is the exact wrong choice.  The majority of this country, the 99%, are hard-working, honest, want better lives for their children people.  Why are we not the ones running this country?  Why are we not the ones who give input, get creative and make the laws?  WHY?  I’m asking you for an answer.  Seriously.

So, who do you know that would be interested, or even willing, to run for office?  Find out!  Find one person that you can get behind, support, have conversations with, agree with, and then back them.  Get them the funding and exposure they need.  Get them into office.  Let’s get these people out of OUR government that don’t listen and certainly don’t speak for us.  Replace them!  I hear a lot of people asking “what can I do?”  There it is.  Start having the conversations to find that person who can and will run again these politicians who think they have a free ride on our backs, and our wallets, to do whatever they want without any repercussions.  Let us be the repercussion.  Organize, support and move like we’ve been doing with every protest, rally and initiative that has been born in the last two weeks.  Use that anger, frustration and disgust to motivate you.

Change who is listening and who is speaking.  It starts with us, right here, right now.

Find one person who is willing to put themselves out there and run for office.


D.B. Rain


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