About D.B. Rain

What’s in a name?

Drumbeat – a drumbeat is one of two things:  a stroke on a drum or vociferous advocacy of a cause.  The stroke on a drum creates a beat by which all other parts flow.  The movement, the fluidity, and the energy are created and carried away on the air to all that can hear.  The fierce, demanding insistence to be heard is also a drumbeat.  A drumbeat that moves things forward as voices rise together.

Rain – rain is generally one of two things:  cleansing, nurturing, replenishing, the giver of growth, or a force that cannot be contained, a force that will change the course of anything it comes across.

Often as I beat my drum, I get lost in the rhythm and find myself floating away.  The steady, strong, melodic sound that allows something inside of me to let go and travel to a place often longed for but rarely visited.  Listening to the rain is much the same.  It provides that same strong, steady sound that carries me off to places I can’t find in the general noise of the day.  I have always been in awe of rain.  The power that it holds is incredible.  Softly falling, it can barely be heard, sometimes nearly imperceptible, but when it decides to raise its voice there is no mistaking what it is or that it has something to say.  It is the nature of rain to wash things clean, make them new, and give life new growth.

When a drumbeat and rain are combined, you have an overwhelming, undeniable, unavoidable force that demands attention, demands movement, and demands change.  It pushes things forward whether they’re ready to move or not.  It lays bare the hidden.  It provides new growth for both the vibrant and the meek.

Get active.  Get moving.  Get growing.

D.B. Rain